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Fully installed showers
Over the existing bath, or in cubicles there's a shower to suit everyone; electric, instantaneous for families, mixer showers if you have plenty of hot water on tap, and for the ultimate experience high performance power showers!
Electric Instantaneous Showers:
Instantaneous showering day and night for the whole family. That's the beauty of electric showers. They draw water directly from the cold water supply and heat it as it is used, so you don't need to have a stored hot water supply. Because they are easy to install in main and en-suit bathrooms and dedicated shower rooms, electric showers are extremely versatile. In fact, virtually every home - new and old - can have one.
Electric showers are available in a choice of power ratings (7.5 kW to 10.8 kW) The higher the kW rating the greater the flow performance Some of the models benefit from a selection of temperature safeguards such as thermostatic control and phased shut down to ensure consistent and enjoyable showering every time
For those preferring a more forceful shower, there are models which take advantage of higher pressure water systems or can be customised with one of our range of pumps The mixer shower range features a selection of temperature safeguards such as thermostatic control, maximum temperature stop and over-temperature shut down to ensure safe, consistent and enjoyable showering every time
Mixer showers are easy to install and require no electrical connections. They work by mixing together your hot and cold water to the desired temperature, ideal for homes with an ample supply of hot water. Mixer showers usually have a higher flow rate than electric showers, and with a host of models from which to choose - from contemporary minimalist to more classic styles - there is sure to be a mixer shower to suit all tastes and bathroom styles.
Gravity Mixer Showers:
Power Showers:
As the name suggests, power showers produce a more impressive spray force than either electric or gravity-fed mixer showers. Because water pressure is boosted by a pump that generates exceptionally powerful flow rates. You can either select an all in one power shower with an integrated pump, or you can choose from a selection of our exciting and aesthetically appealing mixer range and add a pump. If you have a high pressure water system you may not need to add a pump to achieve power shower performance.
For those with a low head pressure, a power shower will create a better and more forceful showering experience There are a range of temperature safeguards available with certain mixer and power showers such as thermostatic control, maximum temperature stop and over-temperature shut down to ensure safe consistent and enjoyable showering every time
Shower cubicles and wet rooms:
Extensive range of shower cubicles and wet rooms to suit your requirements, walk in, sliding doors, quadrant, off set quadrant - beautifully fitted and very practical.
Deposit guarantee and 10 year Insurance backed warranty on all our Installations * For total peace of mind * Full supply and Installations only for Kitchens, bathrooms,  studies, lounges and bedrooms
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